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Play the New Pixel Samurai Slot at Casino Las Vegas and Earn Triple Loyalty Points

Play the New Pixel Samurai Slots at Casino Las Vegas and Earn Triple Loyalty PointsCasino Las Vegas is giving you the opportunity to earn triple the loyalty points when playing the new Pixel Samurai slot this month of May.

As rule players only earn £1 loyalty point for every £10 they bet at the casino. Indicating  that for every £10 you play on Pixel Samurai slots  you will receive three loyalty points. If you take full advantage of this it means that you just need to bet £6,666 to reach the Emerald level from nothing.

This promo is valid up until the end of May so there is still plenty of time to enjoy it. After that be sure to keep an eye out for more points promotions as there are often ways for you to earn double or triple points, for instance, over the last few months they have been available from live dealer games.

Features and information on slot Pixel Samurai

New slot Pixel Samurai takes you back to ancient Japan were you will join forces with a group of heroic warriors.  This brand new online gaming machine is packed with action where you can win loads of money and even a change to grab hold of a progressive jackpot.

This game is what you can call an arcade slot and all the action takes place on a 5×5 grid filled with symbols.  The grid is transparent and staged in the background you can envisage a Japanese landscape that is occupied with traditional buildings stretching into the distance under a dark purple sky with clouds slowly floating crosswise at the top of the screen.Play the New Pixel Samurai Slots at Casino Las Vegas and Earn Triple Loyalty Points

Symbols occupying the screen are all of Samurai warriors – six of them to be precise.  The Blue Lady , The Red Samurai, the Yellow Monk, Subzero, the Green Robin and the Purple Sumo . You will collect rewards by obtaining groups of at least five matching icons on the grid. The groups can be formed horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.

Each time you obtain a winning group on the reels, the symbols will vanish and more symbols will cascade from above, forming more lucrative combinations in the process. This procedure will repeat itself in order for you to land several wins from just one spin of the reels.

The game consists of a progressive jackpot that is won through the Red Samurai symbol. You will need to hit at least eight of them in a sequence to win a percentage of the jackpot. Subjected on the amount you wager per spin you will be playing for 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% or 100% of the jackpot. Therefore, no matter what your resources are you will be able to play for some of the prize. Since this is a new slot, the jackpot is quickly expanding and it won’t be long before a lucky player grabs hold wins a huge amount of money.

The betting levels of this slot ranges from £0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1, £2, £5 and £10 per spin. Obtaining seven Red Samurais on the reels will payout up to 2,000x, while hitting fifteen Blue Lady symbols will reward you with up to 1,000x. Subzero can grant you up to 1,000x, the Yellow Monk can give you up to 500x, the Purple Sumo can award you with up to 100x and the Green Robin can payout up to 50x.

Play the New Pixel Samurai Slots at Casino Las Vegas and Earn Triple Loyalty PointsEnjoy hours of fun and huge amounts of winnings

This old-fashioned Japanese arcade adventure will present you with hours of fun. Keep in mind as you explore it you will be receiving triple loyalty points, which implies that if you are playing at the maximum wagering level for the entire progressive jackpot then you will be gaining three points per spin. At that rate, you will climb through the VIP levels in no time at all and along the way hopefully enjoy a huge amount of winnings.

Receive a 100% bonus match up to R1000 at Casino Las Vegas

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If you are looking to get even more from your Casino Las Vegas experience with even more rewards then give Pixel Samurai a spin today and start winning straightaway.  Among novice players, this casino is known as the best place to play as it offers high quality services and generous welcome packages to new players. Once you have registered with the casino, you will be entitled to pay 400% on your deposits. This bonus is applicable only to slot games and offers you a chance to win progressive jackpot and multiply your winnings. Be sure to keep an eye on the promotions page of the website so you don’t miss out. To find out more about this establishment read our Casino Las Vegas Review.

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