Shark month at Springbok casino Springbok Casino

Shark Month at Springbok Casino

shark-month-promoShark Month at Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino are dedicating the whole month of May to the most magnificent create of the ocean. Sharks are remarkable, impressive and significant living creatures for a salubrious marine ecosystem.

It is time to slip into your wetsuit, grasp your diving gear, and prepare yourself to cash in huge amounts of money at the underwater bank.

Welcome to Ocean Oddities, Springbok Casino’s most funky online slot game that will leave you breathless.  This slot game boasts with a  5-reel, 25-payline game and is  packed with exotic sea creatures that you  have never seen before. You will be left whistling with all the wild games.  Come up against characters like Dogshark while you are attempting to escape the notorious Kingfish, after you have stolen his precious crown. You will be exploring for buried treasure in this extremely fast and entertaining game.  Experience a deep-sea adventure like never before.  Jump in right now and play!

The game comes with an uppermost award of 40 000x your bet per line, a major jackpot with a reset quantity, a smaller jackpot amount with plenty opportunities to attain big awards and free games all over the ocean.

Gamers, don’t concern yourself to prepare for a deep ocean dive in a superficial pool.  Just dive in with a lot of confidence and play Ocean Oddities like a professional.  Start by choosing the amount of lines that you would like to play (from 1 through 25) and your stake per line.  To secure your stake, tick on the Spin control.

The reels will come to halt within a short amount of time.  Amounts paid out are based on the symbols that you have managed to line up.  Wondering about which symbols that will lead to the big reward?  Just tick on the help tab while you are still in the game to receive a full pay-out.  Take a screenshot of the pay-out structure and keep it exposed on your screen while you play the game.  This will ensure intensified excitement and will bring forth an excellent technique to boost matters up and get you thrilled about each symbol as it pops up.

If there is one symbol that you want to keep your eyes open for, it is most definitely the Pearl symbol.  If you manage to hit three or more of them from left to right, you will receive ten free games on the house.  Bear in mind; sometimes you will win big without even recognizing you have hit any matching symbols.  Ocean Oddities embraces the fact that it contains two mega-sized jackpots that pops up at random intervals.

The underwater world is majestic and deep, there is an ocean of features to explore. By knowing how to skilfully handle the controls you will get to the action faster.

  • Up to 25 pay lines can be played in Ocean Oddities. The more lines you play, the higher your bet per line becomes and this will increase your final bet per spin.  Betting too much:   make use of the arrows to change your stake.  This is situated next to the Lines and Bet button.


  • Satisfied with your final bet per line:  Tick the Spin button to endorse your selection and gear up the reels in motion


  • Ocean Oddities is a moderately fast, nevertheless occurrences under water always feels sluggish. Want to speed your pace up?  Turn on the AutoPlay features. No adjustment of your bet and line selections are required after each Spin.  The software will spin spontaneously for you, using the previous line and bet selection you have played. It is not a necessity to hit Spin.  Everything is already taken care of.


  • Ocean Oddities gives you full power over your betting future with every spin. Just make use of the up and down arrows to opt for your bet per line.

Gamers can choose from 25 pay lines.  One line can be played or all 25.  The secret is the more lines you play the better the possibilities will be of lining up symbols.  Keep in mind that you won’t win if symbols are not lined up on a pay line that you did not play.

If you are satisfied with your line and bet selections, tick the Spin button.  Keep in mind that your final bet is your bet per line; multiplied by the total of lines you have secured.

The Ocean Oddities slots Wild Symbol  are represented by the Shark or Rex as it is named in the game.

  • Rex will emerge on reels 2,3,3 and 5 only.
  • Rex will replace all games symbols as well as Scatters.

Ocean Oddities slot Scatter symbol are represented by pink Pearl symbol.

  • Two or more of the following combinations will award a pay-out: Pearls, Shark an Pearl combinations.
  • Three or more Shark, Pearl and Pearl combinations will activate free Games.

Ocean Oddities slot Free Games features are activated by three or more Pearl Symbols, three or more Pearl and Shark sequences anywhere on the reels.

  • 10 Free games are bestowed and will be initiated within thirty seconds of set off.
  • For each Shark symbol an award of a 2xmultiplier will be granted.

Game and Shark symbol sequences can extend too 16x pays!