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Titan Casino: The Best Roulette Experience Ever

Roulette at Titan CasinoEnjoy Roulette at Titan Casino

There can be no real casino without roulette. It’s a matter of spirit more than a rule. Even if the casino in question is an online virtual platform, it must have this particular type of game. The Titan Casino management team understands this and has presented its players with one of the best roulette experiences one can hope to find on the Internet.

Titan Casino’s software is by Playtech, a company renowned for the quality of its products. You can clearly see this when playing the roulette developed by its talented designers. In fact, you can see several variations of it as Titan Casino offers three types of this classic casino game.

  1. Roulette Pro.
    This version is classic to the core. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy roulette in its purest form, and the gorgeously detailed design serves to enhance the experience of playing in a real casino.
  2. Live Roulette.
    This type is designed to be as close to a live experience as possible. You’ll need a good Internet connection for this one as you will actually have a live video conference with a real croupier to make the game more realistic. This is, without a doubt, the best option available to you if you can’t go to a real casino made of brick and mortar.
  3. 3D Roulette.
    With this particular game, Playtech took the “reality” concept to the next level by using the most advanced graphic design technologies. If you allow yourself to focus on the game, it will feel so real, you might forget you are actually at home instead of a plush casino hall.

However, offering these three exquisite roulette options wasn’t enough for Titan Casino. The casino’s team showed how much they actually care for players by developing several informational features. Aside from the games and information about rules and bonuses, the website offers a roulette guide for beginners. There you can learn many interesting facts about the game itself, its history, and basic strategies you can use.

All Titan Casino roulettes use the European roulette format. This is definitely a great thing for you as a player as it increases your chances of winning. There are two types of roulette:

  • This one has a Zero and Double Zero.
  • This one only has a Zero on the wheel.

This may not seem like much of a difference, but it greatly affects the chances of the casino winning. With American roulette, the house has a 5.3% chance, while the European version offers only 2.7%. The lower this number is, the higher your chances of success.

Titan roulette also offers you a chance to make special called bets, like the Orphelins or Neighbors. Check out the information section of the website to learn more about them and other tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning.

Titanic bonuses

No matter how good, colorful, and interesting the slots offered by Titan Casino are, and how often the website presents new ones, the main attraction of this casino is the extraordinarily large bonuses it offers. New interesting bonuses and special promotions are released on a regular basis, so you will always have something to use in order to increase the size of your account.

Titan really is the best name for this casino as it offers the largest welcome bonus in South Africa, and one of the largest in the whole of the online gambling industry. If you follow the guidelines explained in detail on the casino’s website, you will have a chance to get a $4,000 (R50,000) bonus in the currency of your choice.

Have you ever heard of a more inviting offer?

Of course, getting this titanic bonus is not as simple as just filing a few forms, and you won’t get the whole amount in one go. However, if you are into online gambling, following the instructions won’t be hard. You will receive small portions of the bonus in several installments.

Check out Titan Casino’s website for more information and guidelines on how to make your first deposit and claim the welcome bonus. If you have any problems, the site offers a 24/7 chat service you can contact to get the necessary assistance.

The welcome bonus is not the only perk offered by Titan Casino. Stay tuned for news of new promotions and specials that can give you some great benefits!