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Vegas Red Casino Offers a Referral Program, a Welcome Bonus, and More!

Vegas Red Casino bonuses and promotionsGreat bonuses and promos at Vegas Red Casino

Vegas Red Casino is an online casino for South African players craving the hottest casino experience they can find without actually going to Vegas. The developers of Vegas Red Casino made joining their website even more inviting by offering some truly amazing bonuses and promotions that will be available to every player in 2015.

There are a plethora of bonuses offered by the casino and new ones appear regularly to keep players interested, but two of them deserve special recognition. These are the 2015 welcome bonus, and a referral program that allows you to increase the size of your account by inviting friends.

2015 welcome bonus system

Many online casinos offer a welcome bonus of some kind, but Vegas Red is taking this concept to the next level this year. Their 2015 welcome bonus is actually a full bonus program that allows you to win without even playing. In this program, the casino presents you with an opportunity to start playing with R888 bonus money. Just imagine the opportunities that will be open to you from the very beginning if you claim this prize. To do this, you’ll need to take four very specific steps and make four deposits:

  1. 100% of R2000.
    The first step is making a deposit up to R2000. The 2015 R8,888 welcome bonus package from Vegas Red Casino will grant you a 100% bonus for your deposit. If you get the full R2000 from the start, you will get a “tasty” R222 extra for free.
  2. 25% of R8000.
    The second stage of the package will provide you with a 25% bonus of up to R8000. To get the full amount, you will need to deposit R8000. As with the previous stage, you will get R222 extra in this case.
  3. 50% of R4000.
    Another step with similar terms and R222 extra bonus for full deposit.
  4. 100% of R2000.
    You can claim the final bonus if you’ve already activated the three previous steps of the R8,888 package. In this case, you will become eligible for another round of 100% bonus up to R2000. You also get a chance to claim the final R222 extra bonus if you deposit R2000.

As you can see, such a start definitely gives you a rush of confidence, as well as plenty of opportunities to get your deposit back many times over. After all, there is a reason why Vegas Red Casino is the “hottest” online casino in South Africa. It offers over 400 slots for players of any level to enjoy. Every day, quite a few of casino lovers get a little bit happier by winning in one of their favorite games. And that’s without even mentioning all the different kinds of promotions and other inviting offers that appear every couple of days.

Should you make an even larger initial deposit, you get a chance to reap more bonuses, up to 20x! You can also enroll yourself in the VIP club right from the beginning and enjoy all the perks this will give you.

Vegas Red referral program

They say that happiness doubles when you share it. Whether that’s true or not is something only you can answer, but your Vegas Red Casino account will definitely grow bigger if you share your passion for the platform with your friends.

To claim a referral bonus you need:

  1. To be a dedicated lover of Vegas Red.
  2. Make at least three deposits.
  3. Refer your friend to the website.

After the person you’ve shared the info with deposits at least R250, you will get R500 in bonus money. Your friend will win as well as they will receive another R250 as a bonus. So, it’s a “win-win” kind of situation.

Vegas Red: what to expect?

These bonus programs definitely make joining the website more inviting, but they aren’t the only attractive features of Vegas Red Casino. Take your time to study all the bonus and promotion terms of the website to learn what exactly you can get and how to use your initial deposit most efficiently.

Vegas Red proves that it deserves its leading position among online casinos in South Africa not just for enticing players with monetary benefits, but also for releasing new, interesting games and promotions every other week. Therefore, there is always something new and exciting for you to explore on the website.