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Golden Palace Casino – the place to play

Play at Golden Palace CasinoGolden Palace Casino, where South Africans play

Are you feeling lucky? Think today is your day? Why not try your luck at the Golden Palace Casino? In 11 different languages, since the year 1997, bringing you over 300 games for entertainment comes the one, the only, Golden Palace Casino.

Opportunities for New Players

Get a chance to be offered the best bonus in town by signing up for Golden Palace. All you have to do is download the casino and get 100% bonus! On the deposit of just R1,600 you will get R1,600 absolutely free. How unbelievable is that?

You can even pay a minimum amount of just R1,400 to maximum R18,000 and avail a chance to get 15% back on each and every deposit you make. How awesome is that?

Bonuses & Promotions

Golden Palace offers you the most fantastic bonuses and promotion offers you cannot resist. Amazingly you can get 100% winnings on bonus matches up to R2,000, and that is not all. Not only will you walk away with R4,000, you can also try your luck at the weekly bonus surprises. The casino is going to let you walk away with some of the best prizes every week, so do not miss out on the golden opportunity.

Want more? How about an extra 15% on your deposits? Yes, that is right, 15% extra absolutely free. Golden Palace want their players to have the ultimate experience, where else can you get such an amazing offer? This offer is not just valid on one deposit or two, no sir, this offer is valid on every deposit you make in to your account through Click2Pay, InterBank, UseMyBank, PaySafeCard, Ukash, AstroPay, NETeller, and other payments which can be conducted through the local bank.

Weekly Bonus

In order to be eligible to qualify for the weekly bonus, you must play, and play, and play. The more you play, the more chances you have at being able to participate in our weekly bonus. Our personnel keeps an eye out on our regular players, monitoring their game play. After you have caught the personnel’s eye, you will be rewarded with a small surprise, and will get the opportunity to enter the bonus round. So remember, the more you will play, the higher the chances increase for you.

VIP Program

If you want to make the best out of the casino experience, then you must join the VIP club. The VIP programs can give you many perks, which you may not have even imagined. VIPs get a chance to play bonus rounds and earn extra, they have the benefit of playing with other VIPs who place a bigger bet on the table, and if you wish to raise the stakes sky high, then you must play with a VIP like a VIP.

The biggest advantage of being a VIP is getting points in the Comp program, you get more in less. Every R80 which a VIP wagers is equivalent to 1 point. And did we tell you our VIPs get almost R10,000 on their very first deposit? They absolutely do, on your first deposit, you will be offered the best discounts and offers which will be giving you an amazing offer of R10,000. That is not all. Our VIPs also get faster withdrawals. Want to have the best perks yet? Join the VIP program today!

Comp Program

You must be wondering what is the Comp Program, right? Well, the term ‘comp’ refers to the word complimentary. Every wager which you play and earn you get points. So this means the more you play, the more points you get. The complimentary program is just basically another way of getting bonuses and cash prizes. The bonus which you earn from the program is in the form of real money, so the complimentary program is another asset to our players on which they can earn something extra on the sides.

For VIPs, every R80 which they wager in the game is equal to 1 point, whereas for our other players, every R100 they wager is equivalent to 1 point. When you collect a number of 100 comp points, you can trade them in for some sweet cash.


Golden Palace brings you the best entertainment you can imagine. This is no ordinary casino, and these are no ordinary games. Golden Palace brings to you over 300 games to satisfy the gambler inside of you. Not only that, but each and every game has the most dynamic, bold, and eye capturing graphics one can only imagine, the sounds in each game are so realistic that not for even a single moment will you feel like you are sitting at home on a couch instead of playing in an actual casino. The very super realistic quality will have you head over heels in no time at all.