How to Deposit or Withdraw Funds

Depositing and Withdrawing from online casinoDepositing or Withdrawing Funds from your Online Casino Account

In this section we will briefly explain how you can deposit and withdraw funds from your South African online casino accounts. Once again, we will focus on the two most popular casino platforms; Playtech and Realtime Gaming.


All the Playtech South African casinos will have a “Cashier” section as soon as you log into the casino. Simply click the cashier button, you will be taken to the “Deposit” section. This section should give you a couple of deposit options. The most popular deposit method is Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard). After registering your credit card you can use to deposit and withdraw funds. The following video shows the basic steps.

Realtime Gaming

Depositing and Withdrawing at Realtime Gaming Casinos are similar to what was explained above. Select the “Cashier” after you logged into your real account. Now select your deposit or withdrawal method. The following video will show you the steps.