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Our casinos have been working day and night just to feed the hunger within you, the hunger for more games, the hunger for more bonuses and more jackpots. We heard your hunger roaring and now, we bring to you, our latest attractions; after all our players are our first and only priority.

Money Drop Slot with Titan Casino

Titan Casino brings to you their new addition to casino games, Money Drop Slot. Money Drop is actually a popular T.V show in the United Kingdom and the United States. The game is a theme based slots game with has been taken up after the popularity of the original T.V show. The game is actually quiz based where the player starts with an amazing amount of a million dollars or pounds. As the game goes on, the player needs to place a bet on the answers.

The slot game of Money Drop lets you be the star player in your game. Get a chance to be the celebrity by placing the right amount in wagers on the 5 reels and 20 paylines slots machine. Place the right bet and test your luck, if you succeed, you will receive a great payout, if not, then tough luck. The game comes with in-game bonuses, and mini features which can be triggered if you land upon certain symbols.

Lucky 8

Springbok Casino brings to you its newest and latest game, which is bound to keep you hooked for hours, Lucky 8. The game is based on a Chinese belief; according to the Chinese, the number 8 is a sign of good fortune, and has been known as the most luckiest number in cultures and tradition. This is why, the developers of this game, and Springbok Casino have introduced this game so that you may try your luck at it and see how lucky it actually is for you.

Get a chance to learn about the elegant culture of China while you play this new and popular game of Lucky 8. Lucky 8 is a slots game by 5 reels and 25 paylines with the best graphics and animations. You can see 15 symbols on the slots machine which are all a part of the beautiful Chinese custom. The minimum bet you can place is R0.01, whereas the maximum bet you can place is R10. If you decide to play with all of the paylines and test your luck, the maximum bet goes up to R270. With two progressive jackpots and an opportunity at a multiplier of 8x, it’s time you test your Chinese luck at Springbok Casino.

Finding the lost City of Atlantis in DaVinci’s Gold Casino

Now you can solve the mysteries of the lost city by visiting DaVinci’s Gold Casino, all you have to do is download the software and bam! Inspired by the mysteries, myths, and the movie, this theme based game is about the adventures of finding a city which has disappeared.

Dive into the mystical water and discover the secret behind Atlantis by playing the new 5 reel slot game which has the best treasures hidden within. Not only will you get a chance to go on a journey to remember, you will also get the chance to win some very sweet yet a tad bit salty payouts. With the high definition 3D graphics and the best audio sounds till date, the game also brings to you the opportunity to win 400x, 500x, and 1000x multipliers with some lethal combinations, unbelievable! You have a shot at R680 with an amazing amount of 25 paylines; the more you bid, the more you will win. Wagers can be set as a minimum of R1 to the highest amount of R3. Enjoy the special video features as you play along, and be surprised for what is awaiting.

Angel or Devil

You actually have the ability to choose what type of game you want to play with the new slot game, Angel or Devil. It is time for you to sit in the driver’s seat and make your own destiny. You will be given an option to choose 1 of 5 positions, if you decide to play as the Devil, you will have few opportunities as compared to Angel, but the payouts will be higher. If you choose to be the good guy, the Angel, you will have more chances at winning comparatively, but in smaller amounts. The choice is yours.

This new slots game is action packed, and lets you make the most of it. With high quality, bold, and dynamic graphics, and clean sounds, this game will make you want to bring out the Devil within you, or is it the Angel that is willing to make its appearance? I guess you will have to play to find out.