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Meet the Silver Unicorn at Golden Palace Casino

Silver Unicorn SlotMeet the Silver Unicorn at Golden Palace Casino

We have news to report of a fantastic new slot game to be released at Golden Palace Casino. Silver Unicorn is an enchanting creation from the inventive developers behind Rival Gaming. Rival is an up-and-comer in the global gaming market, and this new game further highlights this fact.

To sample the fantasy world of Silver Unicorn, all you need to do is pay a visit to this spring. But before you venture off in search of the mythical creature, first you should learn a little more about what you should expect from the game. That way you can be ready to win over the unicorn.

Charming Into Cartoon

A charming cartoon video welcomes to the land of the Silver Unicorn. The camera pans through a forest, introducing you to various species before meeting the Silver Unicorn. Our star of the video slot is at last displayed on screen as a mysterious shadow before hoping forth to form the logo.

As soon as the video has ended and the main game loads, it becomes immediately apparent that quality has maintained throughout. When it comes to video slots, there is always concern for developers blowing their resources on an elaborate video and forgetting the importance of the main game. Thankfully, however, that couldn’t be further from the case.

Making Wagers

The wagering system is one where you get to play with up to ten coins on each spin. In terms of value, each coin can be set within the range of R0.10 to R2.70. What you also need to factor in to the wagering equation is how many of the 20 paylines you wish to activate. This will help to determine the overall value per spin, so choose an amount that is suitable for your bankroll.

Should you wish to have the maximum paylines and coins on a spin, the lowest you can bet will be R22. However, if you maximise the coin value to R2.70, then that will result in a total bet of R540 for a single spin. As you can see, Silver Unicorn offers a broad scope of choice for making wagers.

Game Setup

Moving on from the wagering system, the online slot game has been built by Rival Gaming to offer five reels of action. On each reel there are three symbols, which gives you 15 in total for matching some of the 20 paylines. With so many graphics to look at on the screen, 15 symbols feels like precisely the right amount to display.

In terms of the buttons, all of the wagering options are at the bottom of the screen and can easily be found. Alongside those options, it is possible to click on the ‘AUTO’ button to initiate auto-play. This lets you step away from the game while it continues to an assigned wager for a designated amount of spins. Make sure that you have your options set up clearly, as you don’t want to go over your budget.

Enchanting Symbols

The reels and the symbols look amazing as they spin around in front of your eyes. There is a blurred effect create to give you the sense that magic is at work. This adds real impact whenever the reels stop and videos start to animate because you managed to achieve a win over various paylines.

Rival Gaming has taken the wise decision to develop entirely unique symbols for Silver Unicorn. During your adventure, you will meet princesses, goblins, unicorns, owls, and more creatures. This offers much more visual variety compared to dull slots packed with playing card symbols.

Extra Features

Five of the treasure chest on a single payline will result in a huge multiplier of 15000x. Now, that’s the sort of win to aspire to in Silver Unicorn! Another important symbol is the scatter rose, which can earn you free spins and a 3x multiplier.

The expanding wilds feature comes in handy whenever it rides in to create multiplier wins over your paylines. This can occur on reels one, three, and five, so keep an eye out for the unicorn. Lastly, a bonus round will begin if three or more butterfly symbols land on the screen. The Silver Unicorn is out now at Golden Palace Casino.