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Play your Way to the Live Competitions at Poker Stars

Live Tournaments at PokerStarsPlay your Way to the Live Competitions at Poker Stars

If there is one thing that all poker players aspire to, it is to play in a high stakes live game with some of the best in the world and one of the top poker events.  People love playing online poker, but it does not compare to the feeling of being at a live event, watching your opponents faces in from of you.  This obviously adds a lot of tension to the game and makes for a more exciting experience.  Poker Stars know that many people around the world would love to claim a spot in one of the big live games and are offering their regulars the chance to win in their special competitions.

Find Your Closest Event 

Poker Stars is the host of the biggest and best live poker games and events around the world.  You can locate the events which are happening closest to you on the map on the Live Events page at Poker Stars.  As you will see from the map, there are games spanning most of the world continents, with games in South and Central America, South East Asia, Australasia and the majority of events happening throughout Europe.  You can easily find your closest game and then give qualification your best shot!

Qualifying from South Africa

South Africa is slightly out of the way of most of the major Poker Stars events.  There are no obviously close destinations and players must take their pick between South America, Southern Europe and Australia to attempt qualification.  It make seem like a long way to travel, but if you managed to win one of the all-inclusive packages offered by this poker site, it’ll be an absolute no-brainer.

Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT)

As you would imagine, these are the events held in South America.  Get involved in this tournament, which has included events in the Bahamas, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Uruguay!  However, the season is coming to an end now and the only game remaining to qualify for is the LAP Uruguay Grand Final in Punta del Este.  You can gain entry to this game by winning the many satellite qualifiers on offer.  However, if you happen to have R25,000 sitting idle, you could always just buy your seat at the table.

Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT)

If you want to head the other way round the globe, you could always head for Australasia, where there is still a lot more action happening this year.  Head down to the qualifier and locate the linked satellite games for your chance to be involved!  This is now season six of the ANZPT tournament and it going stronger than ever.  If you win a seat to one of these games, you will be sitting amongst the region’s best and competing for colossal sums of money!  The upcoming events this season are as follows:

–          ANZPT Auckland – Skycity –    20th – 24th November 2013 – ~ R22,000 buy-in

–          AZNPT Perth – Crown Perth –  26th Feb – 2nd March 2014 – ~ R22,000 buy-in

–          AZNPT Sydney – The Star Casino – 20th – 24th March 2014 – ~ R22,000 buy-in

–          AZNPY Repechage – Crown Melbourne – TBC – ~ R11,000

World Cup of Poker (WCP)

After a long and intense World Cup of Poker IX, Russia was crowned as Champions at the Live Final Event in Atlantis in The Bahamas.  Captained by Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov, the team battled it out through two days of gripping action in the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.  As well as claiming the trophy, Team Russia claimed R900,000 in prize money, which equates to an average of R225,000 per player!  You can stay up to date with all of the World Cup of Poker news by visiting the Poker Stars Blog regularly.

Find Your Satellites

So if you are interested in chancing your arm at getting entry to one of these prolific events, select what you want to play for and find the relevant satellite!  If you play you cards right, you can end up earning entry to one of these events with minimal cash outlay.  You may as well give it a chance; who knows what could happen?