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Silver Sands Casino an old South African favorite

Gamble at Silver Sands Casino South AfricaSouth Africa loves Silver Sands Casino

Playing online games couldn’t have been much easier to play especially in South Africa. South Africa has been advancing and modernizing in every possible perspective, including fun and entertainment; this is where Silver Sands Casino steps in. Silver Sands had made its mark on South Africa since 1999 and is still going about its amazing journey day by day.

A Growing Business makes a Happier you

The casino business is just grand and lavish, extending throughout the world, day by day. This business is not just growing, but it is also making every effort to provide its players the best experience, and to satisfy their hunger, hunger for games, hunger for promotions, hunger for perks. The Silver Sands has dedicated itself to provide you with many games and give you the option to play for fun or to play for money.

Get a Bonus when you Sign-Up

Not all casinos offer benefits like these. Don’t let this one go to waste, after all it is in your favor. The more money you have, the more games you can play, and the more games you play gives you the chance of winning bigger jackpots and prizes. Additionally, you may not get such a fantastic offer at any other casino which offers you a 100% bonus. How awesome is that?

Silver Sands allows its new member to enjoy their sign up bonuses. These bonuses include:

  • Receive an amazing 100% bonus on the first deposit you make of R 1,888, making it a total of R 3,776.
  • Receive a 75% bonus on R 4,000 making your final total with the bonus, R 7,000.
  • Receive a 50% bonus on R 8,000 making your final total with the bonus, R 12,000.

Which casino lets you avail such an amazing offer? There are just so many beautiful perks you are getting by just signing up, imagine the perks you will get when you sign up and become a part of the membership program. You have the amazing chance of getting a bonus of R 8,888 in just the first 3 deposits, now what could have been more amazing than that?

Select from Game Modes

Silver Casino offers its valued players to select from the two modes to get their game on, these modes are:

  • Fun Mode
  • Money Mode

In fun mode you can choose a game to play, so that you may have a basic idea of what the games are, and how they are like. The cashier will give you virtual cash. If you enjoy it you can then make the most of it by opening an account so that you may earn some real cash.

In real mode, you can link your account via VISA, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and more. You will also be given option in some games of the currency you would like to play with. The three currencies for the games are US Dollars, British Pounds, and some let you play with South African Rand. But, keep in mind that withdrawals are only made through checks or bank transfers.

Mobile- Go Viral

Now you can take your favorite casino anywhere and everywhere you want to by carrying it in your pockets. Can you imagine having an entire casino, with all of the games, and the best experiences, all within your pockets? It is possible, all you have to do is see the instructions, follow them, and download the Silver Sands Casino application on your mobile, or tablet, and get transported to the world of games, chips, and more chips and games.

Money & Banking

The process is really very simple, it is safe, and there are absolutely no schemes or scams behind it. All you have to do is make the payment via MasterCard, VISA, and deposit cash directly, or make a transfer over the internet. For withdrawals on the other hand, you must either use a check or bank transfer.

Games & Attractions

There are over 200+ games you can take advantage of from the Silver Sands Casino. These games quite diverse, and each is just bursting with fun. Games include Poker, Black Jack, Slots, Video Poker, Table games, and so much more. All you have to do is download the casino software and you’re on your way to casino-land.

In order to avail the games and to enter this amazing world of entertainment, all you have to do is visit the site, select the download option, and download the software. Once the software has been downloaded, click on install after you have run the program. After installation has been completed, the software will give you the option of the game modes which are available; play for fun and real mode. Make your selection, link your account, once that has also been completed, it is time to have some fun.

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