Slot Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Crown Europe Casino

Slot Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot

Slot Funky Fruits Progressive JackpotSlot Funky Fruits is a progressive online jackpot slot that can be won at any online casino that supports slots from prominent software provider Playtech.  This slot has been followed through the past years and it has been proven that this fruity slot on average paid out $1,742,170 per win and is won every 12 weeks.

Even though these fruits may be funky for everyone, but they can only be lucrative for a select few. Will you be one of those lucky gamers? The only way to find out is by trying your hand at getting the Funky Fruits Jackpot by playing the Funky Fruit slot at casinos that offer games from Playtech such as Crown Europe Casino.

Slot Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Review

There are plenty of fruit-themed online slots out there and one more to add to the list now is Funky Fruits from Playtech. A quick glance will tell you that it’s similar in looks to Funky Fruits Farm from the same company but that’s where the similarity ends; the gameplay is markedly different here and there’s also a progressive jackpot to get your hands on.

Unsurprisingly, the most notable aspect of the game is the collection on funky fruits. Indeed, they are a zany bunch that like to have fun, make strange noises, and also give out lots of money if they line up right. The overall presentation of the game is also very lighthearted and easy to get into. Yes, playing this one feels airy in a light kind of way.

Slot Funky Fruit Features

Slot Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot

Funky Fruits plays out over a 5 x 5 grid rather than a standard slot layout. In this light-hearted game, our funky fruit are on the beach. In the background of the wooden board reels, we see the golden foreshore, the ocean and a perfectly blue sky. To the right, occupying an empty glass with a straw, you’ll see the jackpot calculator along with controls for autoplay, bet and win. On the opposite end of the board, there’s an info tab stuck to a surfboard.

Funky Fruits is a feel-good, summery game with slick graphics and pleasing animations. The game does not have the usual special symbols that most slots normally do. There are no wild, scatter and bonus symbols here but there is a jackpot symbol which is represented by the cherry. Funky Fruits incorporates a progressive jackpot, which means that instead of having a fixed prize, the game offers a constantly accumulating prize to its players. Naturally, the payouts will depend on a couple of circumstances which will include the number of spun jackpot symbols and the respective denomination as well.

Slot Funky Fruits Gameplay

The game starts with the players selecting the amount of their denomination. They can adjust the amount with the +/- buttons. There are also four different fixed values for the player’s convenience. They can select each, being able to start the gameplay quickly. Once the bets have been set, the player can start the reels in two different ways. The first one is by clicking on the “play” button. The second is the autoplay function. There, the players can set the bet and basically lean back, and let the game take over. The computer will play with the same denomination until the player clicks on the “stop” button. The players can also set a predetermined number of plays. This means that they can program the game to play x amount of spins with y amount of denomination. Once the spin is over, the computer checks for winning combinations. If it finds any, it will proceed to pay out the player according to the paytable.

Slot Funky Fruit Symbols

Slot Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot

The game uses fully animated fruit symbols, each representing a different color pattern. There are six fruits involved in this game – cherries, lemons, oranges, pineapples, plums and melons. They are arranged in a 5×5 grid, and when you hit the ‘play’ button they tumble down onto the grid, rather than roll around the reels. You win payouts for groups of fruit, rather than straight lines. A ‘group’ is where the same fruit symbols are touching each other – above or to the side, never diagonally. You have to land a group of at least five to win a payout.

  • Melons – 50x
  • Plums – 100X
  • Pineapple – 500x
  • Orange – 1000x
  • Lemon – 5000x

How to win the Jackpot in Slot Funky Fruits

So, how do you actually go about winning the jackpot here? Well, it’s actually a bit more involved than most that are out there. The cherry symbol is the jackpot icon here. When 8 to 25 of these appear on the screen you will cash in a percentage of the jackpot that is displayed on the screen. Now, what percentage you win depends on your initial ante wager. Bet $1 to win 10% of the jackpot; bet $2 to win 20% of the jackpot; bet $5 to win half of the jackpot; bet $10 to win the whole jackpot. It’s nice having the option of being able to win quite a bit without wagering the maximum possible amount.

Slot Funky Fruits Conslusion

The gameplay of slot Funky Fruit is entertaining and it makes a change from the standard slot structure.  With its cheerful theme and of course the tempting huge jackpot if has to offer, this slot is definitely worth checking out.

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